In this service total holyshrines turn over will be publicized crystal clear.
       This service includes all facilities according to the tutors, students, and public nutrure. also establishment of quran schools are held in this service.
    This service provides international and internal competitions. in addition supports the conductive qoran organization.
      P roviding services in line of  Sending missionaries, educating people related to endowment, providing counseling services to families 
Obtaining ownership documents, identifying and registering endowments, as well as maintaining and restoring endowment documents  are some of the serviced can be provide by this .
This service covers  Taking care of the affairs of servants in endowments and holy shrines.
In this service, legal opinions on endowments are provided, including identifying unknown endowments, endowment certificates. 
This service includes the issues related to the lease and transfer of endowed property and lease extension.
Collecting Gifts and vows from holy shrines are done during this service .
Every endowment and tomb, like any other building, needs to be maintained, rebuilt and repaired which is done by this service.
This serivice is about  burying the deads in the courtyard of the holyshrines which is a way to gain incomes that will later be spent for charities.
all the cases of permits related to the separation and removal of buildings ,the consolidation and conversion of real estates are handeled in this service.
All  Execution of social, religious and charitable intentions are being held in this service.
Addressing the issues of endowment rights  are done by this service.
Preparing new formal and ordinary endowments and advising and promoting endowments as well as document cancellations at the registry office  are done undercover of this service.
This service includes Providing Quranic statistics and information and charitable affairs and endowment atlas.
This service is about Introducing investment opportunities in endowments and attracting investors, support and participation in projects  in waqf.
Supporting research projects and academic dissertations on endowment  and holyshrines are being covered by this service.
Providing accommodation services to pilgrims, as well as medical services and transportation  are being held in this service.
Leading charitable organizations  is one of our duties. charities are one of the most important parts in this organization which plays a bold role so conducting charities are coverd by this service.