Fundamental organization services 
·Policy making to Transforming the holy shrines to the main cultural center of the country
·Planning toward increasing the endowment efficiency
·Supervising the accurate and loyal performance in endowment 
·Moving toward promoting endowment culture and entering the modern related fields 
·planning for the management of public endowments (without custody), Islamic religious sites and shrines (excluding mosques and religious schools and Takayas) and charities (under the auspices of the organization)
·Controlling and monitoring the preparation and procurement of strategic plans of the organization
·Supervising the correct and exact performance of benefactors purposes 
·Constructive interaction and effective communication with the three forces, other cultural organizations and institutions of the country in order to expand and strengthen the organization missions
·leadership and supervision of the duties and missions of the organization in economic, endowment, cultural, social, legal, registration and civil endowments, holy shrines and religious places
·Supervising the preparation and adjustment of the annual budget of the organization and submit it to the relevant authorities for approval
·Supervising the formation of committees and research branches to handle legal issues and audit endowments·Administrating the boards of trustees of Islamic endowments and religious places·Supervising and conducting memorizing, reciting and interpreting the Holy Quran competitions at the national and international levels and generalizing the training of the Holy Quran among the community·controlling the process ofdispatching missionaries to the deprived areas of the country based on the principles of Waqf
·Policy-making and supervision over the contract's preparation, regulation and conclusion for the organization and the relevant units
·considering the publication and print of the Holy Quran, Islamic books and publications according to the intentions of the endowers
·management and Supervision of implementation of waqf rights (such as the right of custody, the right of supervision and the right of supervision) according to the provisions of the endowment documents, laws and regulations
·Planning for the improvement of the quality level of the Quran university 
·Planning and monitoring over preparation and implementation of the comprehensive plans and agendas in the field of waqf, related culture and holy shrines in the organization
·Planning for the spiritual and cultural advancement of women in the organization
·Coherent planning to boost the participation of women in the development of waqf culture and their knowledge in society